Hello and thank you so much for being here and showing interest in my artwork. Below are some commonly asked questions. Please do not hesitate to connect with me if you have any other questions. The best way to reach me is by email [email protected] or through instagram @annjuliescafe.

Are you open for commissions? 

At this time, I am open for commissions. If you are interested in commissioning artwork, please email @[email protected] with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Preferred contact information
  • Approximate size of the art piece you want
  • Any other commission details

I will contact you by email to schedule a brief phone call where I can learn more about what you are looking for, provide you a quote, and answer any other questions you have. All commissions require a 50% deposit. Please expect commissions to have an eight week turnaround time.

How often will you be releasing a new collection of work? 

I will be releasing a new body of work each season. 

How do you price your art work? 

Pricing takes into account cost of material, time spent creating the artwork, as well as the many years of practice and resources that I have put into my art! 

I am passionate about making original art work accessible to as many people as possible and therefore, I strive to offer a variety of different options (e.g. different sizes, canvas vs. paper options). From time to time, I also do Giveaways through my instagram! 

Do you make prints? 

Stay tuned, prints are coming soon!

The painting I want is sold out, will it come back? 

All artworks are original at this time, which means that once a painting has sold out, it will no longer be available. If you love a painting that has sold out, please send me an email (see commission process above), and I will be happy to recreate something similar for you.

Where do you ship? 


Do you offer free local pick-up? 

Yes, if you live close to Vancouver and you would like to pick up your artwork, please use the discount code LOCALPICKUP and the shipping cost will be removed from your order. After receiving your order, I will email you to arrange a pick-up time. 

Why are some of your matte board paintings atypically sized? 

To provide sustainable and accessible original artworks, I use recycled matte boards for some of my work. These boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While I cut some to match ready-made frame sizes, others are left in their natural state. 

How do you recommend framing my new artwork? 

Whether or not to frame your artwork is an individual choice. If you choose to frame your artwork, there are many ways to do so. However, I have found that using a mat within frames looks best with these abstracts and gives the painting room to breathe.

The most affordable way to frame the art is with ready-made frames, and these can be found at several stores, including second-hand stores, local art or framing stores, and home design stores like Ikea. If you have an old frame and need a new mat, mats can be bought at most local art supply stores or framing shops like Opus https://opusartsupplies.com/

If you would like to have your new artwork custom framed, this can also be done at local art and framing shops, like Opus. 

How can I take care of my art work? 

All artwork is sealed with a protective coating that will help protect it from potential environmental damage (e.g. UV rays). When handling the artwork, make sure you have clean hands and avoid touching the artwork's surface to prevent staining or smudging the piece. 

For the best protection, it is recommended that you frame paper and matte board artworks. This is especially important if you plan to hang it in a humid location (e.g., bathroom) or somewhere that grease and oil could stain in (e.g., kitchen). 

What materials do you use? 

I use mixed media, including acrylics, oils, chalk pastel, and pencil crayons. I paint on a variety of surfaces, including matte board, watercolor paper, and canvas. 

Can I come see your art in person?

From time to time, I attend pop up events or local markets with my art. To stay up to date with these events, follow me on instagram!